Saint Michael Medal, Free Stainless Steel Chain Gifted Boxed

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Medal Size: 1" x 3/4"   |   Chain Size: 24"    |   Jewelry Boxed  | Made in Italy 
St. Michael ~ "Angel of the Lord" ~ Feast Day: September 29
The name Michael means from Hebrew: Mi-chael) "Who is like to God?"


Archangel Michael is mentioned in the Old Testament as 
A "Great prince who stands up for the children of your people".

In the New Testament Michael leads God's armies against Satan's forces, where
during the war in heaven he defeats Satan.
The Holy Scripture describes St. Michael as "one of the chief princes," and leader
of the forces of heaven in their triumph over the powers of hell. 
He has been especially honored and invoked as patron and protector by the Church
from the time of the Apostles, he was placed over all the angels - as Prince of the Seraphim.
Patron Saint of Policeman, Police Officers, Temptation, Radiologist, Grocers
These traditional medals are made from the highest-grade pewter.
On the back of some medals it might say, "Pray for us" in English or Spanish which is "Ruega Por Nosotros."
Every Medal comes with a 24" stainless steel chain and in a jewelry box.

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