Benetton Arousing Watermelon Perfume 250ml Women Body Mist

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Arousing Watermelon Perfume by Benetton, For those looking for a spritz of freshness during their day, arousing watermelon by benetton may be the perfect solution. This is a body mist rather than a perfume, meaning it’s lighter than other fruity options out there. This mixture consists of distinctly fruity notes. Watermelon is accompanied by a bit of citrus and a few hints of more flowery notes to make it a well-rounded mixture. Because it’s much lighter than normal perfumes or colognes, arousing watermelon is ideal for any and all situations. Wearers can go about their business without worrying about whether or not their scent is too overpowering to others. While the scent isn’t strong, it is surprisingly long-lasting for a product of this type, and wearers can go for hours without needing to worry about reapplying. This body mist fragrance contains 250ml or 8.4 fluid ounces. 


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