Absolute Organic Anti-Aging Nourishing Night Cream Unisex 50ml

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Size: 1.69 oz. 50 ml.  |  For all skin types  |  Suitable for Women & Men   |  Made by scientists in Israeli laboratory.
• Revive and Heal • Look Younger • Feel Better
This light-weight organic night cream helps to replenish the skin during the night 
allowing your skin to regain its natural unique beauty throughout the night.
Visibly nourishes skin, refines texture and pores for skin that is smoother and softer.
Lightweight • Non-greasy • Non-sticky 
• Visible results within days  • keeps your skin hydrated
• Targets fine lines and wrinkles
• Promotes softer, more elastic skin
• Formulated with aloe for sensitive skin
• Fast acting moisturizer that helps replenish antioxidant and moisture overnight
• Helps improve skin texture for healthier, more radiant younger-looking skin
• Lift and lock skin texture Nourish and protect your skin against toxic radicals
• Certified by Ecocert - Made from 100% Certified Organic Grade ingredients.
Contains Anti Aging ingredients, You will see results after only few applications.
During the night the skin rejuvenates, corrects and rebuilds itself. 
This unique certified organic night cream provides your skin with the maximum 
nourishment and energy for an excellent night treatment.
This is the best organic night moisturizer cream because it is high potency, 
filled with nourishing active natural ingredients such:

Key Ingredients
This is the best Absolute Organic Anti-Aging Aloe-Vera Facial Cleanser
because it is high potency of

Organic ALOE VERA - Known to improve blood circulation as well as renew dry and tired skin.
 It soothes your skin and provides it with moisture without leaving it greasy.
Organic HEMP SEED OIL (Cannabis Sativa) that nourishes your skin when it need it the most, 
to achieve maximum nourishment to the dry parts of your face,
ensuring that your skin has an even complexion along with a finer skin texture.
The fats, or lipids, in Hemp Oil are similar to those found in the skin.
This makes it an effective protectant for your skin. It increases the elasticity of the skin
and brings new life to dry, tired or dehydrated skin.
Crystlhyal - A Pure Hyaluronic Acid powerful anti-aging properties that forms a film
at the surface of the skin, thus offering optimal hydration protection from external
aggressions and is also one of the premier hydrating ingredients for skin,
even for oily, sensitive, or breakout-prone skin. 
 *Ingredients from Organic Farming:
99.60% of the total ingredients are from natural origin.
75.80% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.
Made from 100% Certified Organic Grade ingredients.
Recommended use
Apply to cleansed skin with gentle patting motions until absorbed.

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