Olive Wood Layered Jerusalem Crosses Necklace Made In Bethlehem

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Note: Cross #1,5,6 (unavailable/sold)

Size: 2" x 1.3/4" (5cm x 4cm)   |     Black lace cord loose for tying measures 26", looped and tied hangs perfect on the neckline 13" + 2" the cross. (see pic)
Perfect size to convey your Christian Message and alliance to the Holy Land. Also comes with a description card, "About the Olive Wood of Jerusalem."

Retail price $6.99 now at Clearance Sale, 42% off at only $3.99 each one. Buy 3 or more and get free shipping. Great Gift!

Made with 2 layers of Olive Wood creating a splendid 3D effect,
The top layer ornately carved with charming decorations,
hangs on black lace cord.
 Beautifully presented;
Olive Wood Tree background with a prayer on the back.

Jerusalem Cross (also known as the "Crusaders Cross")
has 4 Crosses on its corners;
symbolizing the outreach and commitment of the four Gospels
proclaimed to spread to the four corners of the earth,
beginning in Jerusalem; the large Cross symbolizes the person of Christ.

This Jerusalem Cross Pendant makes a great 'Give-Away Gifts" for Retreats, 
Conferences, Church Members, Schools, Special Meetings, 
and every day when the moment is right to help or cheer someone.

Every necklace is unique because of the variety of the colors of wood 
and the symbolic importance ~ Ideal reminder of the Holy Land! 

Each one is numbered because of the uniqueness of the wood grain. 
Please choose a number for the particular cross you desire. 
A non-selection of a number will indicate no preference 
and any one of the four will be selected for you.
These are the actual crosses you will receive. 

Prayer on the Back of package:
Jesus Prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane

Holy Father,
Protect them in your name
That you have given me,
So that they may be one 
As we are one 
(John 17:11) 

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